Design Dispatch #17

A well deserved summer break

We’ve been heads down all year launching some really exciting brands and websites! We're busier than ever. We're doing some of our best work yet. Which is why taking a break right now might seem counterintuitive.

One of our values at Emerald is ensuring our business decisions allow for a work life balance (our other values: make impactful design accessible and exceed client expectations).

We believe that taking time to rest and recharge will allow us to better support our clients.

tl;dr: Emerald will be on summer break from June 24–July 5

Emerald summer break plans⛱️

Charlee will be housing sitting up in beautiful Traverse City (just in time for cherry & lavender season!)

Leah will be working on her Spanish skills and visiting Charlee in Traverse City for the 4th of July

We'd love your Traverse City recs!

Charlee & Leah

From our #random slack channel

• How people spend their time throughout the world

• Latest design trend? Hot dogs (Leah did host a hot dog bbq last summer)

• Sign up for Stickermule to get some great deals (we saw 50 holographic stickers for $19!) Not sponsored, we're just fans!


Last month (Design Dispatch #16) we featured the Speech in Bloom brand (peep that the brand avatar is both a flower and lips!). This month we're spotlighting on the Speech in Bloom website.

Speech in Bloom is a holistic speech and feeding therapy practice based in NYC. Their team was growing and they were looking to increase client inquiry calls and the overall client list.

Website project goals

  • Increase client inquiry calls
  • Ensure it’s easy to navigate
  • Make key information clear so Speech in Bloom is not answering the same questions over and over on consultation calls
  • Feel proud when sharing the website with prospective clients

Your website is your biggest marketing asset, it's where people go to ensure you're "legit". We began by understanding Speech in Bloom's audience and what questions and concerns they have before feeling ready to take the step to book a consultation.

Once we had a clear picture of the user journey, we created photo and video guidelines so the featured photography that accurately showed the Speech in Bloom services.

I am now getting more client inquiry calls, and have increased our client list. I'm also just really proud to have a gorgeous website.
Lera Yavich, MS, CCC-SLP, TSSLD Founder, Speech in Bloom

Speech in Bloom, thank you for your wonderful collaboration!


🍋‍🟩 Leah is making key lime pie for her sister's birthday and excited for season 3 of The Bear (out June 27!)

🍓 Charlee is eating homegrown raspberries and made a white bean pesto flatbread

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