Heading into Fall

We've been busy on some exciting internal projects (which are always the hardest to finish!). Planning team Emerald photoshoot and a ~special edition~ of the Design Dispatch.

Links from our #random slack channel

• Very invested in pizza futures (want a wildly engaging PDF report & landing page like this? Hit us up!)

• Found these micro tips for typography useful

• Johnny Cash has really been everywhere

Charlee & Leah


✨ Leah shared how she uses moodboards to avoid "blanding" (bland branding)

👩‍💼 Charlee attended PNC's Project 257, a day dedicated to women in business. Did you know women have only been allowed to own a business in the US for 52 years? Yikes!


STFU is an agency that helps brands stand out through humor. They needed a landing page to help showcase their *completely fake sample projects*. It was a blast working with the creative minds behind "Earwax-Colored Airpods" and "Sausage Lube". Hands down the most memorable Design Day we've ever done.


Do you have goals this year that would be easier to hit with some great design? We would love to hear from you!


Leah is into documentaries and this search tool is 🤌 (love that you can filter by streaming service!)

Charlee is enjoying hosting Sunday dinners with her friends, and reading all things gathering (for personal and professional life!)

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