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Design Dispatch #08

Published 7 months ago • 1 min read

Hey there!

We've been soaking in the all of the glory of a midwestern summer. This month we enjoyed this data visualization on when Americans eat dinner, by state. Always on the hunt for sweet scroll effects and loved this story told by scroll.

–Charlee & Leah


🏔️Leah reflected on her experience living off the grid

🏁Charlee went to the Rally Conference and is feeling passionate about improving access to entrepreneurship


ponder* doesn't play it safe. They needed a brand and website to reflect their bold strategy and fresh perspective. We did this one using our day rate service, Design Days.

We leveraged renderings & 3D shapes that are literally out of the box. They make you lean in and think "how is that possible"? As an added bonus, these scenes are also something that can be rendered by AI if you have the correct search terms.

We're particularly excited about how motion played into the brand and was used on the website. Mesmerizing stuff. Check it out below.

Interested in a Design Day? We have availability starting Thursday 9/21. Contact us


End of the year gifts & annual reports (we know!). Luckily we love designing memorable swag and print & digital annual reports. Want some help brainstorming? Grab some time on our calendar below to discuss your end of the year goals.


Leah is planning a hot dog party

Charlee is foraging elderberries to make syrup to prep for cold season

Hi! We're Emerald ✌️

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