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How’s 2023 treating you so far? Here at Emerald we’re enjoying a slower pace as we get ready to kickoff some exciting new client projects. This has been a great time for us to catch up on our internal to do lists, and set ourselves up to hit our goals for the year!

x Charlee & Leah


🌵Leah recently traveled to Marfa, Texas where she learned that tumbleweed is a perfectly named plant. Watch her mini travel reel here.

☀️Charlee is currently in San Diego visiting family and enjoying the sunshine.


Midwest Mountain Lions came to us because they wanted to encourage more womxn to try a sport that allows their inner badass to come out.


Do you have goals this year that would be easier to hit with some great design? We would love to hear from you! We still have availability for larger projects in Q1 as well as availability for Design Days as soon as February 15.

On our wishlist for the new year is more podcast related work! Did you or someone you know start a podcast recently, or are exploring it in 2023? Let us help you create a killer brand, podcast art and landing page to get you to the top of the charts before you know it!


Leah is taking NYT Dialect quiz trying to get Chicago.

Charlee is watching Maine Cabin Masters. How is Maine so beautiful?!

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