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• Microsoft Office has a new default typeface

• Want to know what's going on with TikTok Shop without actually going on TikTok? This article about selling a used pencil on TikTok Shop was eye opening

Type for Period Film & TV Lecture on Tuesday, April 2nd (Free & on Zoom!) Thank you Karen for the rec!

Charlee & Leah


Quornix is a women-owned small business developing therapeutic technology to treat bacterial diseases.

As an early stage biotech company, the Quornix team wanted to solidify their brand early on to set them up for success.

We created a logo and brand to help them stand out in grant applications and in investor pitch meetings.


The name Quornix comes from how the technology works. It senses a bacteria “quorum” and then “nixes” it to stop them from causing disease. The "x" or "nix" is the most important part of the technology, so we focused on a way to highlight that in their logo.

Inspired by existing illustrations of vibrio bacteria done by the Quornix President & Indiana University Associate Professor, Julia van Kessel, we took inspiration from the curved shape of the vibrio and crafted the "x" from that.

Throughout the brand we leaned into shapes like hexagons that nod to chemistry. They're easily overlaid on photography and used as pattern.

Combining photography of a traditional science lab, bacteria, ocean life and humans helps emphasize the significance of the Quornix technology. At the end of the day this technology is going to help save real lives.

Thank you to the Quornix team for the wonderful partnership!


Currently booking projects starting in July.


Leah is a potential stem cell match for a woman with leukemia. Currently waiting to hear if her care team wants to move forward! Join the national stem cell registry here & share with friends and family!

Charlee is currently perfecting her funfetti cake recipe for a friend's birthday.

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