Design Dispatch #12

Into 2024🌟

It's officially the new year and we're hitting the ground running. We're in the midst of some exciting new projects and looking forward to what this year brings!

From our #random slack channel

• Deep dive into Pantone's color of the year conspiracy (any thoughts?? Would love to discuss!)

• NASA's worm logo is back! (NYT gifted link)

• Fun fact: The Ampersand (this symbol &) is technically a logogram, which is a character used to represent a word or phrase! I want one! 🍪 (Creative Brief Newsletter)

Charlee & Leah


Last year one of our goals was to add team photos to our website (new photos are sprinkled throughout our website). We were looking to add a more human element to our brand and emphasis our small but mighty team. We ended up getting that and more from our brand shoot with the lovely Jess Bishop! Q&A with her below.

But first some selects...


JustJess is an Indy based wedding and brand photographer.

We asked Jess about how to prepare for a photoshoot, feel less awkward, and what she loves about the midwest!

Why should businesses get professional brand or team photos?

Having professional branding photos for your business can really up-level your online appearance. I especially think that incorporating your brand's aesthetics is important to achieving a uniform look to your website & social materials. Having a gallery of professional images can also uplevel your social media & have a cohesive uniform look to everything, also letting some of the stress go of having to create new content consistently.

What’s the best way to prepare for a photoshoot?

I would say some great ways to prepare for a photoshoot is to first communicate with your photographer about what kind of look / vibes you're going for. Providing mood boards with reference images is so helpful for both you and the photographer to know what kind of imagery and feeling you're going for so that it leads the photoshoot with a good idea right off the bat. This helps with time management so you and the photographer are not trying to create ideas in the moment.


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Leah is getting settled in Oaxaca, where she'll be working remotely from this winter

Charlee is flipping through stacks of seed catalogs–garden planning has begun!

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