Design Dispatch #11

Folks. It's official.

We're in stick season. As we approach the end of the year our calendars are getting busier and we're preparing to celebrate with loved ones!

From our #random slack channel

• Beautiful photo series of newstands around the world

• Unhurried content experiences are in

• Have you noticed a decline of engagement on social? Interesting especially for small biz, creators and non-profits.

Charlee & Leah


💭Leah wrote about your biggest competition: indifference

🗞️Charlee on unleashing the magic of swag


Speaking of newspapers and unhurried content experiences... We printed a *real life* newspaper! Fill out this form for a free print edition of the Design Dispatch in the mail!


Challenge: DENCODA leverages a DNA-linked proprietary probe to detect chronic and life-threatening diseases, such as osteoarthritis and cancer. We needed to be able to speak to a variety of audiences, both scientists and the rest of us. We ensured that content was easy-to-understand, without skimping on important details.

Approach: Design an easy-to-understand, eye-catching brand and website for DENCODA’s cutting-edge product.


Kick off the new year with design work that's unique and recognizable anywhere you show up—whether that’s in-person or somewhere on the internet.

We’re ready to take that design project off your plate.


Leah is listening for the Crispy R

Charlee is honing her basketweaving skills

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Shoutout to moms We're big fans. When we were seniors at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, team Emerald (before Emerald existed!) went all out for the annual Mom's weekend flower show. Charlee and Leah did a Matisse themed exhibit, complete with painting a 7 foot wall, building a structure to hang laser cut flowers and even making matching t-shirts for us and our moms! We've always enjoyed doing the absolute most. Enjoy some photos below. Charlee & Leah Charlee, Leah & the 7 foot mural...

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