It has been a month of adventure for the Emerald team! Leah was in Alaska, Charlee celebrated her birthday and now we're both in Portland. We also refreshed an entire website in three Design Days (!). This documentary about the history of Canadian Design is on our watchlist and this report on distinctive branding is on our reading list.

Charlee & Leah


🐟 Leah went off the grid this month to work on a fishing boat in Alaska. Curious what an Alaskan fishing day looks like? Check out this mini documentary.

🎨Charlee dares you to design your brand without reading this.


Bronx Arts, an NYC arts charter school, needed a website design that was easy to navigate and reflected the energy of their school. Bronx Arts is bright, vibrant and hip. (The school we wish we went to!)

Thanks to our partners at BCS Interactive for the collaboration on this project!


Have goals that would be easier to hit with some great design? We would love to hear from you.


Leah is enjoying indoor plumbing

Charlee is identifying all the PNW trees in Portland

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