Helloooo from SF!

We're currently enjoying a cute coffee shop in the Mission District. We had a blast at Config, the Figma Design Conference.

There were mind blowing talks on everything from design leadership to the future of design + AI and we're excited to bring it all back to the work we do for our amazing clients.

Charlee & Leah


✏️ Leah reflected on the rise of Notion's popularity and fan-base

💪Charlee is activating brands across the digital ↔ brick-and-mortar divide


A deep dive into the future of variable fonts

  • New CSS font styling options and how to create your own variable font (Maybe the future includes an Emerald designed font??)

The future of AI + Design

  • AI will not only lower the floor for non-designers, but raise the ceiling for designers pushing the bounds. Making things we never thought possible.
  • AI will usher in a transition from websites and apps to a more seamless and dynamic digital experience

"AI is just a souped-up Mad Libs"

Ovetta Patrice Sampson, Director of UX Machine Learning, Google

How to be creative according to science (and Ovetta Patrice Sampson)

AI can recognize but not understand. AI can't and never will be able to:

  • Draw creative thoughts
  • Go on adventures
  • Break the rules
  • Daydream
  • Experience life

In the spirit of experiencing life, we're loving all of the beautifully curated and designed shops just *everywhere*. We ❤️ SF.

And of course, a trip to SF MoMa!


Leah is enjoying all the conference swag, from Config and her Friendship Conference

Charlee is currently trying to get a live chipmunk out of her house thanks for her 2 adorable, and pesky cats

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